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Colress by XSlimyZardX

No you actually drawn corless suprisingly well, clearly you demonstrated plenty of skill and thoughfulness in every detail for him and ...

CE: Jet the hawk in Sonic X by shadowhatesomochao

This was very creative and you added so much into this pic. You got serious talent and never let your tallent rust. As a little Jet fan...

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On a more different scale I have my main Mobian OC Meteor's Story just to get interested into. But at least the strip down of the history before Meteor's Story in the least

The Saga Of The Meteor by BlazeQuil99

I really hope you enjoy it, but its still almost in its final phase so hopefully for now it at least unveils the secret air around him.

Meteor was actually once a dragon once and was part of a race of Dragons that once served and protected Mobius and other worlds in the past along with other being of the Zodiac. Meteor's race is know as the CelesteusRyu *Celestial Dragon for hidden meaning* Dragons. But living in a dimension right next to mobius still in spirit protects the citizens of Mobius and other worlds around near or far from it still Meteor's kind protects and maintains justice to all, Like an archangel when it appears in someone in need thing makes sense so far ^ ^ It is a long story but just to not bore you Im chopping it down to the historia and then Who is Meteor.

Now for about Meteor's story while the CelesteusRyu Dragons left Mobius in the past they had a well established world with a successful goverment *unlike the usa right at this moment XD* And used both magic and technology. Meteor's family served and protected the people as high guards and one day a meteorite containing magic that the very first maiden sage of mobius's essence who before mobius and possible the whole galaxy she protected with her heart. This meteorite hit the planet on Meteor's birthday once he was born and while his kind was naturally able to bend all elements, phsycokinetic, and strong with the blessing of the godess Metoria Meteor was granted the ability to become a mobian and have his powers enchanced. It was said that someday one specific dragon blessed with the power of the godess herself would bring the Dragons who once with along with the other Zodiac protectors of the galaxies would bring everyone together once again and slay the evil that caused the bigbang and caused distrust in guardians and people. The Meteorite Metoria being chosen to Meteor started his adventure and with a proud parents and equally overjoyed planet Was how Meteor came to begin his journey making and meeting many different people and places along the way ^ ^ and undo the broken bonds that caused the CelesteusRyu Dragons & Allies and the Mobians at the hands of the opposing evil.
With blessed magic and a powerful sword he goes to mobius at a young age to become an elite freedom fighter explorer of worlds.

Sorry if this seems abit much but I haven't really told anyone my characters story because I still had to fiddle around with the idea for it not to sound so boring or anything that would turn people way. Im amazed I said everything I memorized to you now if only it caught on abit more but really I hope this was enlighting :D


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United States
Meteor is my name and my hedgehog form, while in my pokeform in the pokeworld i'm Blaze the quilava. Welcome to the lightdragon realm :3

My Oc's Belonging to only me.
Blaze the Quilava
Timothy the Typhlosion
Maylene the Typhlosion
Tyson The Riolu
Sam the Gabite
Jet the Buizel
Toby the Dewott
Trevor the Sceptile
Cameron The Charmeleon
Oscar the Wartortle

*Main Oc* Meteor The Hedgehog
Clover The Mountain Lion
Cheryll the Hedgehog
Gyron the HedgeCat
Benny the HedgeCat
*Will add more as time goes by*
(And yes I do role plays sometimes XD)

*please contact me if I missed anyone :airborne:*


People I know in real life: :iconragezilla2012: :iconchernandez2020: :iconxbrokenmirrorglassx: :iconbayronkoopa:

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*Other places to find me*
My DA chat :D…

I am around.... :3 Salarite199
Youtube :D…
Tumblr: ThatBlazyQuil77…
Facebook: Anthony Russell

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I sure can :D and here's the first and for most basic rule that BK also taught me. No matter what happens in a battle remain both fierce yet controlled and try using different combos eachtime so that your opponent doesn't figure it out and cancel you out so quickly. =)
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